Humane Lobby Day in Massachusetts, 2014

One thing I have to say about my employer is that we do have really good benefits, including 3 personal days per year. So, yesterday, I used one of them, and went to the Massachusetts State House to take part in Massachusetts’ Humane Lobby Day (i.e. we were there to lobby on behalf of animals.) I am very glad I went. I admit, I usually feel pretty jaded about the whole political process, especially when it comes to the federal level of our government, but still, yesterday was inspiring. I’ve been trying to figure out how to live a more authentic life and to be true to my heart and to passions of mine, and today helped to partly fill a need I have to help animals.

First, I want you to see a video of a beautiful pit bull named Turtle, who was at the state house yesterday and literally everyone that saw her smiled. She just had the sweetest demeanor and was so patient with everyone all day. So many hands were reaching out to her over and over.

Here is what Turtle used to look like (by the way, the lady who is sitting with her at the beginning of the video is Debby Vogel, the volunteer coordinator and person responsible for educational programs, and so much more. She is really loved by all the volunteers, myself included.) As you can see, Turtle suffered and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of light in her eyes.

Please click here to see what Turtle looks like today!! Seriously, she had that smile on her face every time I saw her yesterday! And look into her eyes!!! They are so alive now! 

We heard a few speeches by various representatives and senators who are friendly to animal causes and who have introduced legislation on behalf of animals. (And some of it has gotten passed, including a bill that was literally traveling to the governor’s office today for his signature.) Then, we broke into groups. Some folks had meetings formally scheduled with various legislators.  I was there as part of the contingent from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, with whom I have volunteered for the past two years as a Feline Friend.  The ARL wanted to be sure that we hit every single legislator’s office, and together with another volunteer, I visited about 34 offices. We were even able to meet face to face with some of the state representatives and in their absence, their staff.

It’s interesting to see the smile that comes over people’s faces when you mention you are there on behalf of animals. You definitely see those who have true love in their hearts for animals.  (The President of the State’s Senate even interrupted her speech a few times to welcome over the pit bull puppy that had come to visit today.  He kept trying to come over to her and you could see she had clearly fallen totally in love with him. You could tell she really wanted to take him home but she thought that perhaps her resident dog wouldn’t be so super thrilled at the prospect, lol.)

I was heartened to hear that there were about 200 people there today and that the number was about twice as many as the past year, according to the gentleman who spoke on behalf of the ASPCA.  I was also extremely glad to hear that, while the Puppy Doe case is still ongoing, it has been determined that every wound that poor baby suffered can be counted as its own felony, so if convicted, her abuser could go to jail for a long, long time. In case you are not familiar with the Puppy Doe case, please read the following links.  That poor dog suffered abuse of a sadistic level – that is the only way I can put it.

Now, I know that many of you out there who read my blog are not in MA, but some of you are. So, I’d like to just direct you to the MSPCA’s web page where they have information on legislation pending in the current session, relating to animals. If you are in MA, please make a phone call or send an email to your senator or representative.

If you’re not in MA, then if you are interested in animal welfare or animal rights issues, call your local rep or senator and find out where they stand on these issues.  If you want to do research on what laws may currently be pending in your state, and have no idea where to start, then please drop me a comment below and in filling out the comment form, be sure to add your email address, and I will write you back from my own email address.  I’m a law librarian – that’s what I do, help people find things related to the law. 🙂

I think we all know that if we live in the US, we are very lucky in that we do have a right to make our voice heard. Many others cannot do the same without fear of reprisal. So just get out there and do it!!

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