Little Things for Which I am Thankful

  1. BonkersWe finally have a fully staffed department at work so I don’t feel as much like a chicken with my head cut off at work these days as I did last year. Thinking about that craziness makes me shiver.
  2. My bright pink runner’s headband. I found it also works remarkably well on a day when it’s in the 30s when I ride my bike to work. My ears didn’t freeze!
  3. Even though my trainer for my small group has just gotten a full time job, she still wants to keep our group together so we may start meeting as early as (gulp), 6 am! I’m used to being up at that time, but not out of the house!
  4. I have learned some coping skills which helped me get through this past weekend. Part of it was to focus on what I could do to look forward and not backward, and by doing so, I signed up for two continuing education courses with NASM. One is on women’s fitness and so far I am loving it. I can’t wait to help women improve their fitness levels. My hope is to surprise women who are the same age as me, or older, and let them know that “yes, they CAN be in good shape and be mistaken for being much younger than their actual age!”
  5. I’m still feeling some of the sadness from this past weekend and occasionally my grief at my suddenly ended relationship makes me feel very lonely. But I believe I need to go through this, suck as it may. I am grateful for the realization that maybe I didn’t allow myself to feel it all this past summer. Instead, I threw myself into forward-thinking mode. I think if I am ever to meet someone else and be able to truly be with them and have a fully functioning relationship, I need to work through this past one and figure out a lot of things behind it. Learn from it.
That’s all folks, this week has been somewhat difficult to get through, emotionally. How has your week been? Anything you are thankful for?

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