I’m Fine, Thanks

The title of this post is also the title of a movie that I just downloaded and watched earlier today, for the small sum of $5.  It was $5 so well spent. Here’s the link that you want to click on for sure:  I’m Fine, Thanks.

It’s a movie about people who have realized that maybe what most people think is the American dream really isn’t their dream. Some of them had already attained the things you’re supposed to want and work to get. Some had a nice house or condo, a good salary that they brought home, but a job which gave them no sense of fulfillment.  One woman, Victoria, breaks down in tears talking about how she made the choice to go to law school and how sometimes you make a decision and then other decisions get made, sometimes by your choice and sometimes just as inevitable result.  God, I really identified with her.

One man in the movie talks about how he had a really good corporate consulting career. It was a job that he said many of his friends would kill for. Unfortunately for him, he needed to drink coffee all day long. Then, he finally turned to Red Bull.  And that was literally just to get through the day.  That’s not healthy.

One of the persons that they interviewed is Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project. He was a lawyer that worked so much in his first career that he literally ended up with a hole in his gut (abscess on his intestines.)  If you haven’t checked out his website, you should. He posts so many good videos and they are all so inspiring, even when the story that’s being told is one of great sadness at times.

I should say that the movie came about because the narrator realized that he had wanted to make movies and act as a child, but as he got older, he realized that wasn’t safe.   He finally got to the point in life where he had the beautiful wife, two kids and house in the suburbs.   All that stuff we are supposed to want, and should feel happy having. But he didn’t. He said he felt like he was living his life through someone else’s script.  How many of us have felt like that? But then felt too afraid to do something about it??  He did it – for three months, he traveled over 10,000 miles with some friends who helped with the production in many ways, and they put the movie together. And it’s great. I think it can even be life-changing.

Please PLEASE go watch this movie – you can download it and watch it over and over again on all of your devices.  And please know, I am not being paid anything or being compensated in any way to say these things about the movie. I’m telling you about it because I sense a lot of us out there wish our life was different but we just don’t do anything about it. And this blog is about changing that, or at the very least, my changing that where I’m concerned.

And after having seen this movie and being so inspired to write about it, I’m going to find more movies like it that I can watch and then tell you about.  Sound good??

Until tomorrow’s post…….

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Follow your heart, people.

3 thoughts on “I’m Fine, Thanks

  • A very inspiring post Terri. Unfortunately, your message is a sad commentary of our society. We strive and love things only to realize that they are only killing us. Knowing our priorities and having a balanced lifestyle is key. I’ll check out the movie. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Thanks for saying that about my post, Kelvin. It’s all the movie’s doing – the inspiration! I think in one way, yes, it is sad. But in another way, it is also positive in that it is showing people are waking up and realizing that they don’t have to conform to the majority’s concept of the American dream. They can change their destinies if they have enough heart and a will and a way. You and I are two examples. I”m doing my best to get rid of my debt to chase what I really want in life (which is still evolving in my mind, especially after the next movie I watched this morning), and you with downsizing your possessions and making more time for your family (which is gonna get a lot bigger very soon!)

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