Little Things for Which I am Thankful

As you can tell from my lack of posting this week, it’s been another busy one! So, as you can imagine, TGIF!!!

Tookie and Po (a perfect pair)
Tookie and Po (a perfect pair)

1. I am thankful that as soon as I decided to put less into my motor home savings account, I started getting even more hours from the gym! Those hours’ pay automatically go into that account, so I feel like I haven’t really lost ground, while at the same time, gaining ground on my debt. (For the next paycheck, it’s more than what would have normally gone in from my full time job!!)

I’ve also taken on a temporary roomie and her mom is paying rent to me for her, so that’s been a help as well. She’s also been a big help where the animals are concerned, and it’s nice to have someone around to talk to for a change, so it’s all good.

2. I got the picture you see above this week. The cat in the photo was a foster cat of mine for many, many months due to his “unique”  litter box habits, or so we thought. Turns out, he just wanted to be able to go outside! Tookie is his name, and although he hated cats, he loves dogs! And Po, the very large dog you see in the photo, absolutely loves him! I just love this photo and the way it looks like Po is protecting Tookie while at the same time, sharing in whatever cool thing that they are looking at! I am grateful to his forever mom for sending me photos of him and keeping me updated on his antics. She said that as soon as they started letting him go outside, no more accidents. And he never strays far from the house, and doesn’t mind occasionally being “herded” back to the house by Po!  (As of this Sunday, he will be with his new and forever family for a year!!!!!)

3. This week was graduation for the students at my school. That means we get our school back!!! 😉  And, the students at the college near me also graduated last week, so we get our neighborhood back!!  (Mind you, they are not all horrible but it does make the place a bit quieter.)

4.  I took the final exam for my online physiology and anatomy class. While I don’t feel like I retained a ton from the class, I got a 92! So it counts, woohoo!  And the good thing is, I have the materials from the class to refer to in the future whenever I need them. (And honestly, not all of the class was relevant to what I will be doing for a new career, so it was good that I didn’t have to memorize a lot of stuff to then just later on dump out of the memory bank.)

5. My motorhome/tiny home land fund just hit another milestone!!! Woohoo!! It’s funny how once you set your mind to a goal, you don’t have the same problem saving money as you used to when you didn’t have a specific purpose in my mind for everything you spend. Now, when I spend money, I literally think to myself, “is this worth however long it will delay my motorhome dream coming true?”

6.  While I am not happy or thankful that my oldest kitty, Bonkers, had to go to the vet this week for diarrhea and throwing up, and the resulting $407 bill, I am grateful that I have finally gotten to that place in my life where a bill like that doesn’t throw me into a tizzy and make me wonder, how is everything going to get paid this month?  While I did use my CareCredit card for the first time, I’m able to pay it off this afternoon. And that card can only be used for medical expenses for myself or my animals. It’s the only reason I have it. Any of you who have pets know how it feels when they don’t feel good and they can’t tell you why. It’s scary.  He seems to be feeling at least a bit better, and my roomie got him to take his pill yesterday by grinding it into a pulp and then mixing it into his food.  We can’t get him to eat much of the W/D food but he’s been eating some of the other type that I have around, so it’s better than nothing.

7. One last thing!! I don’t know how I didn’t know this before but my CES certification exam is open-book and can be taken at home. I am so thrilled about this. Although it’s 100 questions that must be completed in 90 minutes or less, and that’s not super easy, I am extremely grateful that I don’t have to memorize absolutely everything. I will make sure I know the material thoroughly, of course, but at my age, it’s been harder to memorize things like I did when studying for the Bar Exam.

It’s just a bit after 6:30 a.m. here and this post is done and in the books! And I’ve already done an hour’s worth of work! Woohoo!

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And Then, They Were One More

The newest member of our family, Bonkers!!
The newest member of our family, Bonkers!!

A few weeks ago, a friend called me in a panic, and the first words were “feel free to say no.”  She had a twelve year old cat who was supposed to be taken care of by the rescue with which she works, but no foster home had yet been arranged. She couldn’t take him due to her already having two cats and several roommates, one of whom she thought might not appreciate having a cat in the bathroom all of a sudden. Fair enough.

Long story short. I took in the kitty whose name is Bonkers, thinking it would only be for two nights. That turned into five, and then a visit to the vet confirmed it would be longer. He was way too underweight to be put up for adoption. I could definitely see that. He was eating food like every meal would be his last. Most people notice the uniqueness of his ears first. He suffered frostbite as a kitten, so they are a lot smaller than normal. I think they make him look even more adorable.

After a couple of weeks, the Bonk-Man, as I like to call him, started to get antsy in my kitchen. He wanted to get out and explore and my resident cats had figured out he was in there. So, I let him out so I could see how he acted around other cats. My thinking was that with his age, if he could at least get along with other cats, that would make him that much more adoptable.  Luckily, he’s pretty chill around the other cats and little Osito, my senior chihuahua. (She is also 13, and a recent adoption. Yes, I am a sap when it comes to animals, especially the older ones.)

My smallest, Callie, is a bit fearful around him and hissed, but he simply walks away and I have been giving her lots of love to reassure her that she’s still my littlest girl. The alpha male cat, Max, has needed some reassuring too, but he seems to be understanding his position is not in jeopardy. Bonkers seemed to know he was auditioning for the role of Newest Family Member, i swear. Bonkers simply wants a place to hang his head, and sleep. So, I’m giving it to him.

When I tell people I decided to adopt him, they laugh. There is definitely some judging going on and the phrase Crazy Cat Lady has definitely been thrown around. If they want to mock, fine. I know the love I receive from these animals is priceless. I feel proud knowing I can provide for them, and they never want for a thing. I. Keep my place as clean as possible for myself and for them. And the nights that I sit on the couch with several of them around me (usually one or two on my lap), I know we are a family. And that’s all that matters.

Do you have any animals in your life? And if so, how have they changed it?